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About me


Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Pelzmann, MSc MBA

Sabine Pelzmann, Dipl.-Ing., MSc, MBA, works as an integrative coach, systemic-consultant, sculptor and author. She lectures in leadership, system theory and organizational development at several universities and is also the mother of two daughters. She heads a consultancy company “Integrative Organisationsentwicklung” in Graz/Austria and has worked with executives in expert, profit, non-profit and public organizations for more than 20 years. She is experienced in the conception and implementation of change processes as well as the design of reflexive leadership development programs. The central themes of her consulting are change, release, decision, reorientation and unique leadership.

Sabine Pelzmann was born in Austria in 1966 and grew up on a farm. She studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and Danube University, Krems. During her studies, she worked on growth processes, integrative consulting, system theory, process-oriented psychology and ecological approaches to business and agriculture. Her multidisciplinary education allows her to work in various fields and her work is characterized by interdisciplinarity, cross-sectoral approaches, value orientation and application to real life.

Sabine Pelzmann has consulting experience in Austria, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States. Leadership and management theories, the integrative approach by Hilarion Petzold, process-oriented psychology and the archetype concept constitute the basis of her work.

As an artist her sculptures are bodies that stand just like people in real life in dialogue with the world. She compares them to physical memory in which the history of life is engraved. “The world is written in our bodies while we are expressing ourselves through these bodies. The appropriation of the world, the incorporation and the nesting in it is something that does not merely happen to us but takes place as a process of mutual creation.”