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Integral Listening

The School for (Holistic) Perception and Consciousness Raising

“The noisy society of tiredness is deaf. The society to come could therefore be called a society of listeners and eavesdroppers. Today a revolution in time is necessary, one which allows a totally different time to begin.”
Byung-Chul Han

Integral listening“ intends to inspire questions of one’s own life and our role in the world. It addresses subjects ranging from transformative learning to a life-giving society. Furthermore, it involves a new understanding of growth and development—for individuals, organizations and our society.

It involves appreciating our “interbeing.” The world does not consist of separate aspects but, rather, it is connected to being in itself. We must experience and understand this once again.

“Integral listening” is a school that accompanies individual and collective developmental processes with integral, integrative, and inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and methods. All learning processes have the individual experiences of their participants as their starting point.

With “integral listening,” participants learn to recognize deeper patterns in themselves, train their perception skills, deal with complexity, adopt different perspectives and develop their empathy as a result. They act out of their sense of inner responsibility.

It involves thinking and feeling, knowing and willing. And perception, hearing and listening, thinking, co-creativity, dialogue and polylogue.

“Integral listening” is based on the observation that only by learning can an exit from present-day ecological, economic, cultural, political, societal and individual crises be found. Thereby, this school is part of a new integral current of thought that attempts to create a synthesis of traditional, modern and postmodern world views. The metamodern society is a “listening” society, a society that turns more towards developing people’s consciousness (Hanzi Freinacht).

Our ability to learn plays a decisive role in ensuring the survival of social cohesion, prosperity and safety on a regional and global scale.